Author of books. Wrangler of children. Buyer of Chinese food. Designer of art. Lover of life.

If that's too vague for you, I'm a twenty-something with a passion for love--real love. Not the flowers-and-chocolates kind of love, but the kind where two people build a relationship strong enough to last. It's the kind of relationship I have with my husband of four years, and the kind I hope to portray in my books.

Even if they are about werewolves.

I have two adorably infuriating sons, a baby and a toddler. They make me laugh and want to tear my hair out. Sometimes at the same time. 

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and am currently living with in Savannah, Georgia while my husband attends PA school so I'm living the beach life and learning that humidity is in fact worse than the Arizona dry-heat.

I've been writing for years under a different name but decided to change things up a bit with this one. A self-taught graphic designer, I love making character art for my books and others... but mostly mine ;) 

Anyway, I hope this essay satiated your curiosity. I'm always happy to help aspiring authors and hear from fans, so email me at lola.glass.author@gmail.com or shoot me a message on one of my social media sites and I'll reply when I see it. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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