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August Newsletter

Hello Rubies

This month I have decided to try a new writing method and challenged myself with a higher daily word count goal! I've been having a blast and making a LOT of progress in my books. Can't wait for you to read them!

As for this months releases, book 1 and 2 of my new Rejected Mate Refuge trilogy have released, and book 3 is set to come out September 3rd. If you'd like to read the blurb and a teaser, scroll down below to the teasers sections.

Wolf Whisperer (Book 3)

“Claiming isn’t permanent,” I reminded him.

“For me, it is. I want it to be. If I’ve got your bite on my skin, I want it to be forever.”



The fire at the refuge leaves us scrambling for answers, and in the process, gets me and Knox captured by my mate's dad.

Things only get more complicated when I learn that he needs my help.

But diving into my ex-fated-mate's past isn't exactly a fun ride, and nothing is as it seems.

My wolf taming ability is the gift that just keeps giving…but I'm starting to wonder if it would be better if I could just give it back.

*This new adult urban fantasy features sass, cinnamon rolls, and slow burn romance. It is NOT reverse harem.

Chosen Mate This will be the first book in a series of stand-alone's called Outcast Pack. Chosen Mate will be Shadow's story, and scroll down for the reveal of Mate Tracker: Taylor's story. More to come in this series!



My fated mate rejected me years ago, but now he wants me back.


I'm in love with someone else.

My best friend, who has less-than-no interest in me.

Dante, my rejected mate, sees this as the perfect opportunity to sweep in and bite me, taking back his rejection as if that's going to make me forget about the years he left me without a home, mate, or pack.

My magical rejection gift goes on the fritz when I refuse him, which leads my crazed, shadow-driven wolf to the one place my best friend swore never to return to:

His pack.

Or rather, what remains of it.

So now my wolf's out of control, my ex-fated-mate won't leave me alone for more than ten minutes, and someone's trying to kill my best friend.

The life I carved out for myself is falling to pieces, and I'll do whatever it takes to catch them.

Even if it involves Dante.

*This full-length novel is book one in a slow-burn urban fantasy trilogy featuring sexy werewolves, a heap of sass, and a sneaky werewolf chick determined to avoid her fated mate at *almost* any cost.

SNEAK PEAK Snippet of Chosen Mate Chapter 1:

“Shadow!” Cara called from the door. “Do you have anyone here named Beth?”

My fingers went still.

“What did you say the last name was?” Cara asked the person at the door.

The blood drained from my face before she even said it.

“Beth Bashlor?” she turned to look at me.

The front door was a good distance from the kitchen, but not far enough.

My gaze landed on the person who had ruined my life.

The man who had rejected me, broke me, left me on my ass in the snow.

The reason I’d lived in my car, then in the forest, and then in a homeless shelter.

The reason I went by my wolf’s name, instead of my own.

“Want me to kill him?” Knox asked in a low voice.

I barely heard a word.

The back door opened, and Ryker came strolling out.

“Cara-girl, why don’t you take Dante out for a walk around the outside of the refuge?” Ryker asked smoothly, walking straight to my side.

He’d probably heard my damn inner-freak-out. The man was way too in-tune to my thoughts.

The moon goddess, AKA, the creator of all werewolves and assigner of fated mates, blessed those whose mates rejected them. Those rejection gifts were meant to fill the hole within us that our mates left when they refused us.

In reality, they didn’t fill a damn thing, but they could be useful.

My rejection gift helped me find other rejected wolves. Ryker’s let him read people’s thoughts, which was why he’d probably heard me panicking from outside the house.

“Dante?” Cara did a double-take, looking between me and the guy in the doorway.

The guy who was staring at me.

“I’m going to need you to kiss me, Knox,” I whispered. “Pretend I’m your mate.”

He snorted. “Yeah fucking right. I’m not losing my mate’s trust, even for you.”

Right. Cara.


I looked at Parker; the second closest option for a fake chosen mate. Rejected wolves could choose who they mated with, so it wasn’t crazy to think I’d have picked a mate by then.

Parker looked confused, and my attention caught on Ryker.

He was the obvious choice. My best friend, my only family, the person I trusted implicitly…

But we’d tried to go there, and agreed to stay away from it.

“Take a walk, Cara,” Ryker’s voice grew lower. “I’m sure Dante would love to see the refuge.”

“Don’t threaten my girl, Jimenez,” Knox growled, stalking toward the door. “And don’t eat all the damn cinnamon rolls. We’ll get rid of the roach.”

Well, one of us wasn’t beating around the bush.

“I’m not leaving without talking to Beth,” the voice at the door was determined.

Taylor caught my arm. “Is that your name? And your fated mate?”

I jerked my head in a nod.

Goddess, I hated him.

Release dates:

Chosen Mate: September 24th

Mate Tracker: October 15th

There are a bunch of new art prints available for sale on my etsy! The button below will take you to my store where you can purchase signed paperback copies of my books and bookplates. Etsy

I am so, so grateful to everyone currently on my arc team and to all of you reading and reviewing my books. You are all so wonderful. Your support lets me keep doing what I love.

If you would like to join my arc team--where you get free, early ebook access to my new releases in exchange for a review on Amazon--click the button below: ARC Join Up

Here is where I will share some random, bookish or non-bookish related things, just for fun.

  • This month I have been listening to and loving the song Paper Rings by Taylor Swift. If you'd like to listen, click the button below:

Paper Rings - Taylor Swift

  • On the 27th of this month I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my husband

  • Just dove in to book 1 in CN Crawford's Hades Castle series! It's called The Fallen and it's about a fallen angel that compels the MC to pretend to be his wife, but she has suspicions that he was the one who killed her sister and plans to get revenge. The only way to kill him, however, is to seduce him ;)

  • I have SO many ideas brewing for the Wolf Tamer world!!!

Fun fact of the month: The severed head of a sea slug can grow a whole new body.

Thank you for reading, hope I'll see you next month! - Lola Glass

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