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June 2021 Newsletter

Hello Rubies

This month has been crazy for the Glass house! My baby turned ONE this month. I'm so blown away by how fast time flies. I've been working hard to bring you all new stories you'll love, but I am eternally grateful to have the freedom to take a pause and enjoy these precious moments.

Speaking of working hard; I've been spending a lot of time planning the release of WOLF TAMER (a brand new rejected mates shifter trilogy), plus a whole bunch of trilogies connected to the Wolf Tamer world.

Book one has already been revealed, so would you like a sneak peak of the cover for book two?

That reminds me...

This hasn't been announced yet, so you guys will be the first to know, but I'm working on a new book to be released when Kindle Vella comes out! There's no official release date yet, but hopefully in the next few months. The series is called MATE HUNT, and it will be a standalone PNR titled THROWN TO THE WOLVES. \


This month the first two books from the Shifter City trilogy released: Ruby Wolf and Ruby Alpha. The third book, Ruby Mate, will be released 2 July.

This is Hazel's story, daughter of our beloved Henley and Roman.

Here's the blurb:


I grew up the daughter of the Alphas of All. A Ruby Wolf, destined to take over monitoring Alpha werewolves all over the world.

The problem?

Ruby wolves can only mate with other rubies…and there wasn't one.

Until I stumbled upon Shifter City.

Now I've got half a dozen ruby shifters on my tail, and only a week to decide which one I'll mate with. The one I choose will determine which shifters take control of the city.

Somehow, I stepped into an episode of the Ruby Bachelorette, but this isn't a TV show--it's a war.

Here's a sneak peak of book three, RUBY MATE: “No cuteness, you two,” Liv warned, smacking me on the leg. She was smooshed up against my side, making sure she didn’t touch Merrick so I didn’t get all territorial. That was also a problem, but one I was okay with. “Cuteness? We are not cute.” I curled my lip, showing her my teeth as I shifted them to fangs. “We’re intimidating.” “Especially when Hazel does that with her lip. Then we’re downright terrifying,” Merrick agreed. Liv snorted. “Right. The only thing scary about the both of you is that you’re wearing yesterday’s clothes and haven’t showered.”

I am so, so grateful to everyone currently on my arc team and to all of you reading and reviewing my books. You are all so wonderful. Your support lets me keep doing what I love.

If you would like to join my arc team--where you get free, early ebook access to my new releases in exchange for a review--click the button below: ARC Join Up

Here is where I will share some random, non-bookish related things, just for fun.

  • Been listening to Love is Weird by Julia Michaels a lot this week. It puts me in the mindset of Hazel and has a fun beat.

Love is Weird - Listen Here

  • Currently reading and LOVING Kelly St Clare's Shifter Wars series for what is probably the fifth time. I'm a bit of a serial re-reader. I'm also itching to reread her Vampire Towers books again. Kelly St Clare's paranormal books are definitely some are my favourites!

Fun fact of the month: Hippopotamus' milk is pink, and their sweat turns red when they become upset or angry.

Thank you for reading, hope I'll see you next month! - Lola Glass

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