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October Newsletter

Hello Rubies

This month I have been having an absolute blast with my new Shifter Queen series! It's what I have been wanting to write for a while now, so the inspiration is flowing and I'm having a lot of fun seeing where it takes me.

Good news... book 1 of this series, Soul of the Pack, is releasing today! Scroll down below for some teasers and the blurb. PLUS book 1 and 2 will be released 2 weeks apart because I have smashed so many writing goals lately, so yay for even quicker releases!

As for this months releases (aside from Soul of the Pack), another standalone called Mate Tracker is out, set in the Wolf Tamer world with more to come! These are standalones but I do recommend you read the Rejected Mate Refuge trilogy first, plus Chosen Mate. Scroll down into the teasers section to read about the next standalone in this world.

Soul of the Pack

“You’re far cheesier than the stories say. The Blood Alpha, attracted to a—“ I cut myself off before I screwed up by saying “human”. He tilted his head. “A what?” “A mysterious shifter woman who refuses to tell you anything concrete about my past,” I lied. His lips curved in a smirk. “I nearly had you that time.” “You’ll never have me. I’m not haveable.” I started to climb off his lap, but his hands caught my hips and held me lightly in place.


ALONE. POWERLESS. HUMAN. Tendira is a world of beastly shifters and deadly monsters… except me. The Human Queen. When my home is taken over by an angry pack who wants me dead, I'm forced to run, so I go to the one place my attackers won't dare follow: The Blood Pack. But the Blood Alpha watches his territory more closely than I imagined. His people catch me, and drag me to their capitol. And instead of killing me, they decide to keep me. The problem? They have no idea who I am. So now if I want to stay alive, I have to make the most ruthless pack in Tendira believe I'm one of them. That plan goes surprisingly well... until the Alpha decides he wants me as his mate. Then I'm a human pretending to be a shifter, a queen pretending to be powerless, and a woman pretending not to fall in love with the deadliest shifter that's ever existed. I'll die if I go back to my castle, but if the Blood Pack discovers my lies, I'll suffer a fate far worse than death. And with my survival on the line, I can't afford to lose anything to the Blood Alpha… Especially my heart.

Spirit Wolf

BLURB BETWEEN A ROCK AND A… STRONG MAN The wolf I share my body with was born able to separate herself from me and wander around in a spirit form, but now that we managed to get ourselves permanently separated, she's trapped as spirit and I'm dying. I've been searching for some kind of magical fix-all that could bring us back together, but so far, the only answer I've found is the one thing I can never accept: Taking a mate. My friends are interviewing guys, trying to find the best candidate for something I swore I'd never do. The only man I somewhat trust has started leaving notes everywhere with reasons as to why he's the best candidate. And my wolf is just as on board with hiring a mate as the rest of them. I want to survive more than almost anything, but that almost includes my only option. I've got three months to decide whether or not to take a mate… or my body will become spirit, like my wolf's.

Release dates:

Subject to change*

Soul of the Pack (SQ1): today!

Pillar of the Wolves (SQ2): Nov 12

Spirit Wolf (Outcast Pack): Nov 19

Wicked Pack: Nov 26

Anchor of the Beasts (SQ3): Dec 3

Tether of the Monsters (SQ4): Dec 17

Heart of the Basilisk (SQ standalone featuring Alyx from the series): Dec 31

Essence of the Wyvern (SQ standalone featuring Ellery from the series): Jan 14

Spirit of the Bear (final SQ standalone, featuring Keena): Jan 28

Forced to be Queen (Sacrificed to the Fae King book 1): Feb 11

New art prints are uploaded to my Etsy, click the link below the art to shop!


I am so, so grateful to everyone currently on my arc team and to all of you reading and reviewing my books. You are all so wonderful. Your support lets me keep doing what I love.

If you would like to join my arc team--where you get free, early ebook access to my new releases in exchange for a review on Amazon--click the button below: ARC Join Up

Here is where I will share some random, bookish or non-bookish related things, just for fun.

  • My fav song this month has been I Dare You by Kelly Clarkson

I Dare You

  • I have been devouring some short standalone shifter books by TS Joyce lately.

  • Happy Halloween!

Fun fact of the month: Echidna's are one of the oldest species on earth, and both sexes have pouches! Their babies are called puggles ;)

Thank you for reading, hope I'll see you next month! - Lola Glass

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