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Pillar of the Wolves and Other Issues

Well, if you've been on Amazon in the last few days, you've seen the mess that my writing business has become. Amazon shut down my account suddenly and without warning on Thursday night, a few hours before Pillar of the Wolves was supposed to release. They took down all of my ebooks and paperbacks as well.

We've been on the phone with dozens of people from Amazon. The first one said it was a glitch that the review team was going to fix within 24 hours. When more books started disappearing, we called again and they said they'd "look into it" and proceeded to ignore our emails. I then received a message claiming that Wolf Charmer is "misleading" and "defrauding" customers, which caused them to shut down my entire account. Obviously that's incorrect, so we've been emailing and calling.

I don't know when my books will be put back up, but I hope it's soon. This is costing us a lot of money, and I don't know if Amazon will make financial amends for it.

I hope Pillar of the Wolves is in your hands soon.

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Thank you all for your support, I hope I have good news soon.


PS here are the new covers I uploaded, which prompted me to realize that Amazon had shut down my account.

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