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September Newsletter

Hello Rubies

Lately I have been dying to get back into writing fantasy! So a few days ago I decided to push back the last two Outcast Pack standalone books to let my muse have some fun and see where the inspiration takes me.

I'm about a third of the way through the first book in my upcoming fantasy series, and I'm having so much fun with it! Book one should be released at the end of October, and will be called Soul of the Pack. The main character is a girl named Mesa who's the only human on a continent of shifters, and I've been laughing my butt off while she tries to pass herself off as a really weak shifter for the sake of staying alive. I can't wait for you guys to read it!

As for this months releases, book 3 of my Rejected Mate Refuge trilogy is out, as well as the first book in a standalone series called Chosen Mate! Chosen Mate is from the Wolf Tamer world and focuses on Shadow's story.

Mate Tracker

"In my dreams, I was fast and sneaky and tough and epic. Unfortunately, in my reality, I had more squish than muscle and possessed the grace of a dancing elephant."



That's the motto I was supposed to be living my life by.

Supposed to, being the key phrase there.

Because my friend-with-benefits is in love with me.

And I think I'm in love with him too.

Luckily my other friend decides to screw all of us over when she accidentally drags me into a fight with a crazy magical pack, giving me the perfect chance to escape Dominic, said friend-with-benefits.

But he's even better at tracking people than I am, and the wolf I share my body with?

She's on his team.

I can't ignore my past anymore… or it's going to destroy my future.

BLURB ALONE. POWERLESS. HUMAN. Tendira is a world of beastly shifters and deadly animals… except me. The Human Queen. When my castle is taken over by an angry pack who wants an end to the Royals, I'm forced to run and go to the one place my attackers won't dare follow: The Blood Lands But the Blood Alpha watches his land more closely than I imagined. His people catch me within days, and drag me to their pack's capitol. And instead of killing me, they decide to keep me. So now if I want to stay alive, I have to make the most ruthless pack in Tendira believe I'm one of them. That plan goes well for all of ten minutes--until the Alpha decides he wants me as his mate. Then I'm a human pretending to be a shifter, a queen pretending to be powerless, and a woman pretending not to fall in love with the deadliest shifter in all of Tendira. I'll die if I go back to my castle, but if the Blood Pack discovers my lies, I'll suffer a fate far worse than death. And with my survival on the line, I can't afford to lose anything to the Blood Alpha… Especially my heart. *SOUL OF THE PACK is a full-length fantasy romance novel, and book 1 in a rapid-release series featuring a clumsy human queen, gorgeous but lethal shifters, and a ferocious pack that's as loyal as they are deadly. Recommended for readers 17+ who love werewolves, dragons, fae, and all things romance.

Release dates:

Mate Tracker: October 8th

Soul of the Pack: October 29th


  • Shadow and Ryker from Chosen Mate.

Art prints are uploaded to my Etsy, click the link below the art to shop!EtsyI am so, so grateful to everyone currently on my arc team and to all of you reading and reviewing my books. You are all so wonderful. Your support lets me keep doing what I love.

If you would like to join my arc team--where you get free, early ebook access to my new releases in exchange for a review on Amazon--click the button below: ARC Join Up

Here is where I will share some random, bookish or non-bookish related things, just for fun.

  • This month I have been listening to Rollercoaster by the Jonas Brothers. I felt like a teenager again when I first started listening to their new music, but... I like it.


  • I have recently started forcing myself to go to the gym in hopes the exercise will help with my anxiety... but every time I go, I end up just walking on the treadmill and watching an episode of Legacies. So now going to the gym has become my excuse to have a TV break in the middle of the day while my toddlers run around with other kids in the childcare. I'm not sure how ethical it is, but those little boys wear me out lol.

  • Just finished From Blood And Ash a few days ago, and loved it!

  • This week I've been glued to my computer working on Shifter Queen 1 (SOTP), I'm so excited for these to come out!

Fun fact of the month: Many feet bones don't harden until you're an adult.

Thank you for reading, hope I'll see you next month! - Lola Glass

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