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Updated: Mar 16

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Where the Lycans Howl is Live!

Hello! Book 2 in my new werewolf series is officially live on Amazon! It features monster-style werewolves as well as the typical wolfy ones, a steamy slow-burn romance, and tons of exciting twists.

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In other news, Mate Hunt: Thrown to the Wolves was finally released to Kindle Unlimited last week! I'm currently writing book 2 with Kindle Vella and will start pumping out chapters in the very near future, so check that out here! Or preorder book 2 now, I'll be bumping that release date up to mid April :)

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Lastly, if you're interested in receiving my books free and early in exchange for an honest review, I'd love it if you would join my arc team! I've got a lot of exciting books planned for this year and my arc team will get them all before anyone else. Click here to join! As always, thank you so much for reading! -Lola Glass

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