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WTWR is Live and Mate Hunt is Back!

Hello! Where the Werewolves Run, book 1 in my new Moon of the Monsters trilogy, released today! Here are the covers for all three books in the trilogy, as well as the blurb for book 1!


I'm supposed to be a monster.

I grew up believing my mom and I were the only werewolves alive.

But then I learned about a town where men and women aren't wolves, but lycans: hairy monsters that are forced to change with the moon. And I would be like them, if not for my dad.

He discovered a cure, used it on me and my mom… and then ran away with us.

Questionable decision, right?

So I stole the research and headed into the town, determined to get the cure into the hands of the lycans.

But the town hates outsiders almost as much as they hate my family.

The only person who will even have a conversation with me is the hot guy who runs the town's diner, and he only talks to me when no one else is around to hear.

If the lycans find out who I am, they'll kill me. But if they don't, I'll never be able to cure them.

Regardless of my fate, I'm not leaving this town until everyone in it has a chance to take the cure… even if that means embracing the connection I have with the diner guy.

Because I think we might be fated mates.

Mate Hunt is back up and running on Kindle Vella! I've started on Ebony's standalone, and new chapters are releasing Monday and Friday for the forseeable future! Check that out here:

I also edited the first Mate Hunt book like mad, and it'll be available for purchase and to read with Kindle Unlimited on February 21st! Preorder for only 99 cents now, price will go up on release day!

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